Let's Help Lilli with Crouzon Syndrome Afford Surgery

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Let's Help Lilli with Crouzon Syndrome Afford Surgery

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I've been through a lot already. But there's even more ahead of me.

Hello, I'm Lillinka, I'm almost 7 years old. I was discharged from the maternity hospital as a healthy little girl with big eyes. I still have them, but over time, many diagnoses and diseases have been added.

What troubles me the most is Crouzon syndrome, which is visible at first glance, hydrocephalus, which is hidden inside my little head, and tracheostomy, which is the tube that sticks out of my neck. I also suffer from hearing impairment, so I have to wear hearing aids. So far, I am managing all of this with my parents.

To breathe, eat, and speak normally, I need your help.

At the age of 9, I could undergo surgery on the middle part of my face, but unfortunately, this surgery is not performed anywhere in the Czech Republic, and no health insurance company covers it. I will probably have to go to Texas, where they know how to do it. The biggest obstacle to undergoing the surgery is its cost: this operation and the subsequent treatment cost about 10,000,000 CZK. This treatment procedure was also recommended to us by the Faculty Hospital in Motol.

My mom and dad cannot afford the amount for the surgery, which could change my life.

Without the help of many kind people, we won't manage.

Despite all the hardships, I am a cheerful girl. I love watching fairy tales, counting, and I adore sudoku and puzzles. To go to kindergarten, my mom had to leave her job at the Czech Police after 14 years to assist me. We regularly visit various doctors, mainly the Faculty Hospital in Motol, and also twice a year to Janské Lázně. Even though it's very time-consuming and expensive, everyone around me believes that all of it, including the surgery, will help, and I will live a full life.

Will you help me breathe, eat, and also speak better? I promise you, when I grow up, you'll hear about me again! :-) We thank every donor from the bottom of our heart, words cannot express our gratitude.

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