Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to set up a collection for anything?

The fundraiser must serve charitable purposes. It is possible to set up a fundraiser to help people whose life has been struck by death of their closest, an accident, another family or personal tragedy, handicapped people, or victims of fraud and crime. A fundraiser campaign can be set up for non-profit organizations or charitable projects.

How does it work?

You will fill a simple form where you describe your situation and the purpose for which you want to raise the money. We will verify the request. If everything is all right, we will publish the fundraiser campaign. You will manage everything from comfort of your home. You will only need your computer or smartphone. Only a valid e-mail address is necessary. Information given in the fundraiser must be supported by reliable evidence, e.g. a medical report, sentence, birth certificate etc.

Can I set up a fundraiser campaign as a natural person?

Yes, our donation platform helps both natural and legal persons. No need to establish a transparent account or a charitable society or to spend time at offices. The whole administration part is up to us.

Is it possible to set up more campaigns for a single natural person?

Yes, but there are certain limitations. A natural person can establish 4 charitable fundraisers throughout a calendar year. The minimum interval is 90 days since the previous campaign end.

I would like to help a friend. Is that possible?

Definitely yes! If you want to help your close person, friend or a colleague from work, you can set up the fundraiser yourself. Nevertheless, you will need approval from the person in need. It is important that the person for whom the money is being raised knows about the campaign.

What happens if I manage to collect less money, than the goal was set?

We will send you the raised sum also in case you don't reach 100 % of the goal sum. Whether you manage to collect more or less, the money remains yours

Will I have to pay tax from the raised sum?

You will not. A fundraiser can be set up with all statutory obligations and benefits where the yield is free of tax.

Are there any fees related with fundraisers?

We charge a fee which makes 4 % of the collected amount. This money does not make our profit. It enables us to pay bank fees and upkeep the technological part of the platform. The platform operation is completely financed by our founder Karel Janeček.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

znesnáze21 fulfills the conditions of recognizing donations for social, humanitarian and charitable purposes according to the Act on Income Taxes. Do not forget to check the checkbox „I want the Donation Certificate“. You will receive the certificate via e-mail. 

How do you verify the fundraisers?

The fundraisers are verified by a team of social workers. The supplicant must provide an array of documents such as medical reports, sentences, birth certificates, social worker's reports etc. After consideration we send the raised sum to the account of the service seller/provider., Confidence of donors is a key element for us – we are holders of the Reliability Badge; we publish the annual accounts and we voluntarily undergo an audit every year.

Is it possible to donate anonymously?

Yes, but as a donor you lose the chance of getting the donation certificate.

Is fundraiser the only form of help?

Actually, it is usually the last thing that we offer to a supplicant. We use consecutive social services during evaluation, we offer counselling and whenever possible, the supplicant gets help before it is necessary to run the fundraiser. Often people are able to manage their situation themselves, but they don't know how.