We feel that giving is a fragile but important part of society. It must be approached professionally and with humility. Donor trust and effective and transparent ways to help those in need are our top priorities.

Znesnaze21 was founded simply to connect people quickly and safely and thus provide financial assistance where it is really needed.

Unique tool

Znesnaze21 is the first donor platform in the Czech Republic that reduces the time of launching a charity crowdfunding campaign to tens of minutes.

10 years of experience

Our support is based on several years of experience. Nadační fond pomoci - endowment fund was established in 2012 and launched its first crowdfunding campaign in 2014.

Compliance with Czech law

The fundraising campaign can be established in accordance with legal requirements for “public collection”, enabling the proceeds to be exempt from taxes.

100% verification

Each campaign goes through a thorough validation process before it is launched. It must have a public benefit purpose and the applicant must prove the veracity of the information.


Crowdfunding is a modern form of fundraising, where the funding is provided by online donations from a large number of people.

„In the field of charitable giving in the Czech Republic, there was no tool that could reduce the process of launching a fundraising campaign from days to tens of minutes. Znesnaze21 makes this possible. We are able to react quickly to unexpected events and provide all people with an opportunity to ask for help without complicated paperwork and other bureaucratic red tape. “
Cestmir Horky, founder of znesnaze21

Our people

Čestmír Horký
founder of znesnaze21, strategy & vision

Karel Janeček
co-founder of znesnaze21

Markéta Sýkorová
founder of the fund

Jolana Burešová
fundraising campaign management & social counselling

Petra Klinkovská
office management & support

Martina Nováková
communication & team management

Helena Patelisová
social media & copywriting

Jana Sikorová
fundraising campaign management & social counselling