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Poslední šance pro Maxyma

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Hello. My name is Vitaliy. My son is 10 years old. He has autism. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and after that, my wife and I are constantly looking for options to cure it. These are corrective classes, drug treatment and other classes aimed at healing. We recently learned that there is a clinic in Georgia that provides stem cell treatment for autism. Mardaleishvili Medical Centre. According to the reviews of parents who have already undergone this procedure, the results are very good. Many children have recovered. This procedure is expensive, I can not collect the necessary amount, and I turn to you. Please help me heal my son. Why should treatment be carried out in Georgia? There are a lot of hospitals and clinics in the world that provide stem cell treatment, but only in Georgia, at the Mardaleishvili clinic, they transplant their own stem cells. This is the only clinic in the world that is licensed and certified to provide treatment according to the Juana Kurzberg protocol. Other cheaper clinics provide donor stem cell treatment. After surgery with donor cells, there is a very high chance of developing bone cancer. when transplanting own cells, this probability is zero. You understand I can't risk my son's life. It's so hard for him. Once again I ask: please help my son to live a full life

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