Statutory declaration

I solemnly declare that

  1. All information I have provided is accurate, true and complete. Violation of this may result in rejection of the application or suspension of the fundraiser collection and failure to receive the donation.
  2. I do not have another fundraiser running nor I have applied to another nonprofit organization to fund the purpose that I described in the application.  Otherwise, please inform us who you have contacted/and from what other sources you are funding the purpose.
  3. I am aware of the possible consequences and penalties resulting from provision of inaccurate, false or incomplete information and consent to a preliminary inspection carried out by the social workersof znesnáze21. I acknowledge that failure to allow such inspection shall be a reason for removing the application from the process of establishing a project collection at znesnáze21; 
  4. I agree to the Donation Terms and Conditions and acknowledge the Personal Data Processing Policy published on the website