We'll get a car for Ondrasek with Kabuki syndrome, we'll give it!

Slaný / Organizer: Richard Pokorný zc.manzes@drahcir.ynrokop

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We'll get a car for Ondrasek with Kabuki syndrome, we'll give it!

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My name is Richard Pokorny, I am 53 years old and my wife Katerina and I have two children - 7 and 10 years old. The elder Vojtisek is healthy and he is a smart little boy, he has the best results in school for all three years and he makes us happy. The younger Ondrasek was born with the genetic disease Kabuki syndrome. He basically stopped in his mental and physical development at 11 months of age.

Ondra does not walk, only crawls, does not speak, almost cannot see (he has atrophy of the optic nerves). He does not eat on his own, he has a tube (PEG) inserted into his stomach, which we feed him with a special diet every 3 hours even at night. The list of other disabilites does not end here.

Ondra has reached the age of compulsory school attendance, we have therefore decided to attend a school for children with special needs in Rakovnik. However, it is about 40 km (25 miles) from Slane to Rakovnik. Thus regular long-distance commuting will not pass us by.

In order to be able to devote myself fully to my family, and especially to Ondrasek, I was forced to change my job.

This is the fifth year I have been driving for Liftago as a TAXI driver. I need to be flexible enough to adapt my working hours to taking care of my son. So I can complete a daily marathon of various rehabilitations, doctor visits, etc. My wife works part-time as an administrative employee at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Despite the fact that my wife and I are both trying our best, we can't afford to buy a new car.

How will the collection help?

We currently have a family car that has been in service for 21 years, it is slowly and surely coming to an end. I didn't buy a car for family use because five years ago I had to buy a suitable car to run my business (TAXI). However, even this car now has 360,000 km (223,700 Miles) and it's crystal clear that if I were to use this car to commute to school with Ondra, after a while I would basically cut myself off from my only income.

In order to function as a family, we need to buy a new family car. I have therefore decided to contact you, dear donors, with a request for help.

We need a slightly bigger car for Ondrasek's wheelchair and a special car seat. We have agreed on getting a used VW Sharan. Unfortunately, nowadays such slightly used car has a price of approx. 750,000 CZK.

We would greatly appreciate any help from any of you who can help us in any way.

With thanks and respect,

Richard Pokorny

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