Support of the HC Kobra Prague Women’s Ice Hockey Team

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Support of the HC Kobra Prague Women’s Ice Hockey Team

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The HC Kobra Prague Women’s Ice Hockey Teams long term motto is “Hockey for everyone”. The girls don’t engage in any racial, sexual, age or social differences.

Any member of the team will find out very quickly that she isn’t just a number on the list but a part of a team – her second family.

 It is thanks to this vision that our training's and games are attended by girls from the age of 14 years to mothers, who raise their own children.

 Considering the growth of the prices of fuel, energy and therefore even the rent of an ice rink, we are expecting an increase of the costs of running our team. Unfortunately, for a lot of us this financial complexity will be tough. Thus, due to this precarious situation, some of our hockey players might be forced to leave their hockey family and give up what they love.

 Support the club’s sporting activity, so all their members can keep playing.

 We will be confronted by the ice rinks rent rise – aproximatelly 70 hours per year. Further the price of transportation to the hockey games will increase – some games take place more than 100 km away from the Kobra Ice Rink. We will also need help with fees for the referees and the one week summer hockey camp in Sedlčany.We will be confronted by the ice rinks rent ris

 Women‘s ice hockey in the Czech Republic is at present gaining popularity due to the presence of the their team at the Winter Olympics in China. Unfortunately, from the long term perspective this female sport in the country has been so far neglected and overlooked. It does not get enough attention and lacks the reputation, that it undoubtedly deserves. It is also extremely underfinanced.

Not only the Kobra women, but also other female hockey teams pay to play out of their own pocket. The budget of the team is currently 300 000,- Kč but it will soon increase to 400 000,-Kč. This mainly pays for the rent of the ice rink, the referee’s fees, transportation costs to the matches and the summer hockey camp. The coaches train the girls for free - it is a sport made by the heart for hockey, as well as by the players of the team. Help us in the upcoming year to play for our team.

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