Save the rainforest from miners and provide children with education

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Save the rainforest from miners and provide children with education

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I know I can't change the entire planet, as my grandmother used to say. But we can change peoples hearts. People can realize, that every act counts and than everything is important. ( Augustin Grefa, founder of organization Life in the Old Way)

"Life in the Old Way" is an organization, which was established in 2012. Founders are indigenous healer Agustín Grefa (Ecuador) and his wife Michaela Grefa (Czech Republic). Their mission is to foster cultural dialogue and protect the indigenous culture and wisdom along with the Ecuadorian rainforest territory, that is being devastated by miners.

What problem are we facing?

The Sachawa Forest School and a significant part of the Ruku Samay community protected area are threatened by illegal gold mining on the river directly above the community. Miners use mercury and cyanide for gold extraction. Both are very hazardous substances that contaminate both the soil and the river that flows through the territory cared for by the Život postaru association.

With the help of supporters in the Czech Republic, significant parts of the rainforest were saved in 2023. However, miners are persistent, and to fully protect the valley and the children's health, it's essential to ensure that the remaining unprotected lands don't fall into the miners' hands.

How the collection will help?

Our goal is to acquire land for a protected area, shielding it from miners and the advancing impact of their machinery. In doing so, we aim to safeguard not only the ecosystem and avert river pollution but also establish a secure haven for the Sachawa Rainforest School. Currently undergoing the process of legalization, this school will play a pivotal role in imparting education and tools to children, nurturing their commitment to rainforest preservation for the coming generations. The school's reach extends beyond local indigenous children to include youngsters from the Czech Republic seeking to immerse themselves in indigenous culture during their holidays. Aligned with the initiatives of Augustín and Míša in the Czech Republic, it serves as a bridge for mutual understanding and learning between our Czech culture and the indigenous heritage. We express heartfelt gratitude for any form of support, recognizing that every contribution, whether modest or substantial, propels us closer to realizing our vision.

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