Rallye for safer births - every woman deserves good maternity care!

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Rallye for safer births - every woman deserves good maternity care!

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In a distant Maasai community in the Olorte area, Loita Hills, there is a clinic run by the RedTribe organization. The clinic is a lighthouse of hope, providing medical care for a community of around 15,000 Maasai. In addition to the classic care of a general practitioner, the facility also provides basic dental and surgical treatment. And also prenatal, birth and postnatal care. And all this thanks to the irreplaceable nurse and midwife Florence, who over the years of practice at the RedTribe clinic was able to master all the mentioned medical procedures.

Recently, the clinic has become a refuge for pregnant women, who mostly come to the clinic in the last stage of pregnancy, or even already in the midst of labor. Florence dealt with a situation where she was forced by circumstances to give birth to several children in the completely unsuitable premises of the clinic's waiting room.

The nearest equipped facility where a pregnant mother can give birth is 25 km away and the ride can take up to an hour due to the rough terrain. The RedTribe clinic is the only alternative for a pregnant woman to give birth. It is the clinic or a traditional huts, where women give birth with no privacy, but also with domestic animals.

We will help refurbish the maternity ward

Therefore, RedTribe decided to expand the existing clinic with a new wing with a delivery room and a room for the postpartum recovery of mothers and their newborns. However, the building remains unequipped and inadequately secured to carry out safe births for the future generation of Maasai children.

But this story doesn't just end at the delivery room. An extremely important part of the project is the upcoming prenatal education program for Maasai mothers in key aspects of maternal health, such as breastfeeding and nutrition. Children will have a more secure future, mothers will have better prenatal care and children will have better chance for a healthy future.

One of the patrons of this collection for Kenyan mothers and children is Lilia Khousnoutdinova. Doula, initiator of educational programs and campaigns focused on equal opportunities for women and men, reproduction, the female body and free choice.

The Propolis33 foundation multiplies every crown with the golden ratio.

Every woman deserves quality, safe and respectful care. In Kenya, where we will be part of East African Safari Classic rallye, is basic equipment often lacking, and our goal is not only to point out the basics of scientifically based care in the perinatal period, but also to provide practical help in the field. – Lilia Khousnoutdinova

Thanks to the collection, together we will purchase the necessary equipment for the RedTribe clinic and also provide training to improve the quality of care! The subject is very close to the founder of the Propolis 33 Foundation: "I believe that with this initiative we will help local women to bring their children into the world in better conditions and easier, which as a mother of three I consider absolutely crucial." It is an honor and a pleasure to be not only a navigator in our "birth" rally, but also a patron of this related collection."

That's why we decided to help these mothers and children.

Thanks to the participation of the Racing21 team in the composition of the crews: Olga Lounová/Lilia Khousnoutdinova and Vojta Štajf/Jan Bejvl, we are going into the wild nature in the EAST AFRICAN SAFARI CLASSIC race. This is already the 11th year of this prestigious race. The challenging competition of historic cars takes place between 9 and 18. December 2023 and its track with an unpaved surface of approximately 3,600 kilometers will lead to the territory of Kenya.

Considering that I am a new mother, I am very moved by the topic of the most natural, but at the same time, safe births. – Olga Lounova –

Patron Olga Lounová is another person strongly affected by the topic: "Many organizations deal with this issue in our country, but there are places in the world where the basic conditions are lacking". One of them is Kenya, and that is why a group of rally enthusiasts decided to support the clinic of the RedTribe organization, with which Lejla Abbasova's Asante Kenya Foundation has been cooperating for several years.

"Maasai women have a very complicated and difficult life, influenced by a lot of rigid rules and unjustified traditions, which are dominated by the ritual of female circumcision. This greatly affects not only their female role, but also their maternal role. Because of the procedure, the girls have deformities that greatly complicate the birth of a fully developed child. Therefore, by restricting diet and fluid intake, they try to shorten the pregnancy by up to two months and thus have a chance of a less painful and successful birth. Thanks to this, every birth is de facto risky, whether it is premature or at term - the life of both mother and child is always more or less at risk. Therefore, it is extremely important that the conditions for childbirth and subsequent care are of the highest quality, hygienic and welcoming for such non-standard births," describes the collection's intentions, Lejla Abbasová, the third patron of the collection for Kenyan women and the founder of the Asante Kenya Foundation.

As already said, the project is not "just about equipping the building", but above all about conveying the methods of a modern approach to respectful and safe childbirth, the importance of breastfeeding and the overall care of the child and the mother. And therefore, the proceeds will also cover the travel of an experienced Czech midwife, who will pass on the curriculum of all relevant professional knowledge and experience to Florence. "For me, the access of mothers and the community to this information is no less important than the possibility of using adequate medical facilities. That's why I greatly appreciate Lilia and Olga's decision to support this project, because they really can, without exaggeration, change the lives of local women, children and the entire community," adds Lejla.

A bonus for the collection is also a reward for the most generous donor

East African Safari Classic special edition watch by Omologato® created in a limited number of pieces. Omologato® is known for its passion for motor racing, and even before the brand was founded, its watchmakers have been producing watches for a number of well-known motorsport brands for over 25 years.

The special edition EASCR was born out of the brand's partnership with the race, and was produced exclusively as a prize for the race winner. The brand then produced several dozen pieces of this watch for collectors. They are currently no longer available on the market. As a thanks, we will give a box with this watch and the signature of this year's winning crew to the most generous donor.


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