Portable X-ray for PDMSh mobile volunteer hospital

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Portable X-ray for PDMSh mobile volunteer hospital

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Why portable X-ray machine?

Our goal is to donate a portable digital X-ray to the field mobile hospital in Ukraine, which cares for wounded soldiers and civilians. X-ray will be used at stabilization points near the front to search for small fragments of shrapnels in the body, to diagnose fractures and for head and chest imaging. Portable X-ray is very important device for a field hospital. Conventional hospitals, equipped with X-ray machines, have been destroyed or they are too far.

Even after the war ends, our device will continue to serve! In health care for residents where surgeries and hospitals were destroyed by the Russian invasion, in mobile preventive care.

Thank you for your donations and all your amazing support.

About PDMSh

Since the beginning of the invasion, the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital PDMSh has treated more than 23,000 wounded civilians and soldiers directly on the front.

PDMSh is a charitable organization and largest project of its kind in Ukraine. Their doctors, volunteers, cooperate with ZSU doctors and paramedics and have the status the war participant.

Approximately every tenth person wounded at the front met volunteers from PDMSh at some stage of the treatment. They are often top experts from various medical fields. The hospital has 70 vehicles and operates dozens of stations.


100% of the raised money will be used to buy Amadeo P-100 X-ray machine (220000 CZK, approximately $10000), one of the X-ray system components.

We will buy the machine and deliver it to Ukraine. We are a group of volunteers, members of NAFO/OFAN, who have been helping Ukraine in various ways since the beginning of the war. From October 2022, we delivered humanitarian aid and equipment for the ZSU and field medics worth of $60,000.

We are cooperating directly with PDMSh director Hennadyi Druzenko. Thanks to our last, sixth public fundraising project, we donated them new portable ventilator with defibrillator, worth $27,000.

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