Money collection for buying school supplies in the Ukrainian town of Slovjansk

Opava / Organizer: Kamila Tkáčová zc.avapogs@alimak.avocakt

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Money collection for buying school supplies in the Ukrainian town of Slovjansk

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First people from the Ukrainian war zone arrived in Opava at the beginning of March 2022. The first school that integrated Ukrainian children (aged 5 Váňa and 11 Saša) was Montessori Primary School Nový svět in Opava. The children come from the town of Slovjansk (in Ukrainian)/Slavjansk (in Russian) situated in Donbas in Doneck District. Already in 2014 did the boy (now 11 years old) have to leave his hometown and school just with a little backpack. Nowadays their town as well as school and kindergarten turned into a battlefield again.

The children were given new opportunities in Opava and Montessori Primary School gave them a warm welcome. Thanks to a possitive attitude and integrative tools they are slowly coming to terms with Czech environment. Montessori pupils and students of Slezské gymnázium want to assist Ukrainian families. Montessori pupils are organising a concert supporting the war-torn country. They are also producing a range of products for sale and they want to donate the money to support this collection. Their aim is to help the other children to live such good lives as the people in the Czech Republic. 

The pianist Dominik Fajkus will perform a concert, the children from our school will take care of the programme, refreshments , coffee and handcrafts to support war shattered Ukraine. The income from the concert will be used to purchase school equipment and creative tools for school children in Slovjansko. You can also support the children in Ukraine by buying our products. Thank you. 

Guarantors of the collection and connecting activities are Mg. Kamila Tkáčová (representing Slezské gymnázium) and Mgr. Hana Kroupová (director of Montessori Primary School Nový svět). We sincerely hope that YOU will also decide to give a helping hand. Your financial contribution will make it possible for the children of Slovjansk to resume their education and start working on their personal growth once again. Let us all support them so that they can return to NORMAL LIFE as soon as possible.

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