Mia má nemocné srdíčko a potřebuje vyšetření

Ostrava / Organizer: René Syrový moc.liamg@ryvorys

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Mia má nemocné srdíčko a potřebuje vyšetření

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Hey, everybody,

My name is Mia. I'm a white cat and my sister and I were born to homeless people we were rescued from. I've been in this world a little over 5 months. Unfortunately, before I was spayed, the vet heard a medium to high grade murmur on my heart. And I need an emergency cardiology appointment where they will do everything they can to keep me here as long as possible. 

What specifically will the money from this fundraiser be used for: 

The money raised from this fundraiser will be used to pay for the cost of the scan, if more is raised the remaining funds will be used for medication associated with the detected disease.

And any surplus will go to the lady I've been in temporary care with for the needs of my four feline sisters and brothers who have not yet found homes like me, and others who have not been so lucky.

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“Uzdravuj se andilku 🤍”
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