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Let's come together to support a primary school in the Malawian village of Kaziwiziwi and its pupils in their education.

Kaziwiziwi is a small village in northern Malawi near the former Scottish Mission Livingstonia. It is one of many villages in the mountainous hinterland of the Rumphi District. The people here live on small-scale farming income. Their main livelihood is growing maize to cook their national dish, Nsima.

Thanks to the efforts of motivated teachers in this village, the students in the local school were able to pass their final exams with the best results, allowing the school to be rated this year the best out of 206 primary schools in the district.

How will the fundraising help?

With this fundraising we would like to help the best students from this school to finance their secondary school education, which is approximately 610 EUR/ 660 USD per year. This is the  equivalent to the average annual income of a family (if there is even any regular income).

The dream of these children is to study secondary school and then to continue at the university so they can become be a doctor, lawyer, nurse, etc. - and we would like to make that possible with your help.

In the case of additional funding, we would like to furnish the school with the school desks and other essential school supplies such as books, exercise books  and stationery.

It is common for several children to share a exercise book at school, and if they don't have one, they just write with chalk on the floor.

The children are very grateful for anything, and I wish you could see their happy and beaming faces when they receive something.

I have been in Malawi with my partner since June 2023 due to his work. And I have been coming to help out and teach at a local school as a volunteer. We live in the village in a simple house, in somedays with no running water and sometimes without the electricity, but we are happy here - because of the kindness and optimism of the local people.

The people here live on little, but they still exude joy and good mood and will be very grateful for any help you send them.

Thank you for helping!

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