Let's give hope: Let's help maintain a center not only for disabled children

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Let's give hope: Let's help maintain a center not only for disabled children

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How it all began?

12 years ago, mother Martina and daughter Kristýnka founded a non-profit organization. It was named Splněné dětské přání (translation Amazing Wish). Together, they decided to create an original project and help disadvantaged children to experience wonderful moments that will give them energy, encouragement and zest for life. They also help with the integration of disabled children and adolescents within society. In the form of experiential activities, it fulfills children's wishes in such a way as to motivate them for further development and draw positive energy and reinforcement from them in the long term in challenging periods.

The first fulfilled childhood wish

In February 2012, for the first time, Martina a Kristýna fulfilled the wish of the sick 8-year-old Vanessa from Starý Splavů. She wanted to see the musical Cleopatra on Broadway. The patron of the event, singer Michal David, will also appear to make this wish come true. Little and tiny girls who had serious health problems with growth hormone, their eyes shone with joy and satisfaction after the performance. This motivated mother and daughter to continue their activities. In 12 years, they have managed to fulfill many children's wishes, family events and challenges within the mission It makes sense. For now, the last childhood wish came true at the end of 2023 for the autistic Ondra. He loves the Lego set and really wants to visit Legoland. He considers himself a master builder and can build or invent incredible pieces. Thanks to this experience and the cooperation with the organizers who preceded the experiential event, the boy made an incredible progress not only psychologically, but also communicatively. At the same time, he has much more self-confidence, he has strengthened his ability to express himself in everyday life, and his fulfilled wishes motivated him to actively help not only those around him.

How does the family organization Splněné dětské přání further help?

Since its inception, the organization has been publishing life stories about families with sick children and helping mothers talk about their suffering. Each narrative for encouragement to get then their creative workshops. Sometimes it is an original doll, other times it is a pillow or a handbag. In her spare time, Martina designs and sews beautiful products that help to raise the necessary financial donations for the organization so that it can use other missions. Kristýnka mainly deals with the running of the organization, manages finances, prepares budgets for individual missions, deals with the possibilities of cooperation with artists, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals. So far, they are probably the only charitable association that was founded by a mother and her daughter to help disadvantaged children. It would hardly have occurred to them at the time that this would also be an inspiration for others in the context of personal relationships. Yes, over the years they often went through challenges together and found ways to understand and accommodate each other. It cemented them all the more and strengthened their mutual family and work relationship.

What dream does the mother and daughter wish to realize now?

For the entire 12 years of its operation, Martina and Kristýnka had to rent and borrow various spaces for the activities carried out. However, this method proved to be financially and time disadvantageous and often very difficult to organize. That's why they longed for a permanent background to eliminate excess stress, fatigue and hours spent moving things. They want to create a place that is harmonious, smells nice and when you visit you feel good and safe, as if someone caressed your heart. Recently, they failed to find wonderful spaces in Prague that are suitable for running activities, meeting with family and further development. They named it New Home - Place of Hope. Implementation in new rooms will help them to be more efficient, save the necessary energy, time and also costs. Permanent facilities and a cozy environment will be appreciated not only by them, but also by their clients who seek help.

What is your specific help?

A mother and daughter need help raising money to get the space up and running and to get the business up and running. The selected premises are barrier-free, close to all means of public transport and only a few minutes from the Main Station for visitors from outside of Prague. There is also a lift for the disabled. Both rooms radiate a beautiful energy. In the smaller area "New Home" there is a workshop with original products. Here you will also find Fulfilled Women's Wishes - a charity bazaar intended mainly for mothers and women with lower incomes. They can choose from a varied collection of clothes, shoes or even jewelry. The larger space "Place of Hope" is intended for meetings with family, acquaintance or networking events, celebrations, organization of educational activities, self-development courses and creative workshops, both for families with disabled children and for healthy individuals.

Your help has real meaning and great depth

The target amount of the collection is 192,375 crowns. Financial contributions will help Martina and Kristýnka and their family organization gain stability and start new projects, thanks to which they will continue to keep these premises running. Let's come together to fulfill the dream of two women who founded their organization Splněné dětské přání with heart and put their energy into it all the time, helping to fully spread hope and have already changed the lives of countless families.

Every increase in the collection is a significant facilitation for them, so that they can implement other activities for sick children. The contributions they send are a caress and encouragement for them that the path they have embarked on has meaning and that others can see it as well. For them, it is a message they want to persevere in because they are well aware of its difficulty, but also of its significant benefit. For them, it is a matter of course to help a crying mother with a sick child. There is nothing nicer than watching the personal development and psychological shift of children, to whom the fulfillment of their wishes has given a new meaning to life.

Now there is an opportunity to join forces so that mother and daughter are not alone. If you can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

Do you want to describe what Martina and Kristýnka are like? They made a short video for you :-)


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