Hope for Anička after 5 head surgeries

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Hope for Anička after 5 head surgeries

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I was born in Prague in 2001. I grew up healthy and without any health complications or problems, I was hardworking and all my life I dreamed of going to university. Therefore, after graduating from high school and receiving a diploma with highest honors, I was enthusiastic about pursuing further studies.

 Therefore, it came as a shock to me and my family when I suffered a spontaneous brain hemorrhage at the age of 18 in the comfort of my own home.

The brain bleed left me the left side of my body completely paralyzed. When I woke up from a three-week coma, I realized how much effort I would have to put into rehabilitation and exercise to get back to a normal life. But I was determined to make it.

After a year of intensive rehab and exercise, I finally got out of my wheelchair and started walking with a cane.

Another year later, I had improved my balance and got rid of my cane as well. I am still making progress today due to daily stretching and exercise. During this period, among other things, I underwent 5 head surgeries, each of which unfortunately was accompanied by its own complications.

My parents and extended family have supported me on this journey from the beginning. They carried me to the toilet after my stroke when I couldn't sit up and encouraged me when I took my first steps.

Today, although I have made tremendous progress, my arm is not functional and I am unable to perform even the most basic daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene matters. All this burden is left to my parents. For more than four years now I have been struggling with the consequences of this difficult event.

My walk is far from perfect. I still have a limp and walking requires great effort and concentration. I exercise daily, visit various doctors regularly, and inject many painful botulinum toxin injections in hopes that it will reduce spasticity and help me move forward with my rehabilitation.

Although the bleeding caused irreversible damage to my brain and body, it helped me, on the other hand, to uncover qualities in myself I never knew I had, such as willpower, resilience, and determination.

How will the fundraiser help?

I recently discovered that there is a revolutionary new treatment: stem cell therapy. This therapy could radically improve my physical and health condition and also help me to eliminate the headaches I suffer a lot from.

Stem cell therapy would improve the regeneration of my brain and speed up my very long and difficult recovery.

It could also allow me to be independent from my parents who help me with my daily activities, so I could do them without any assistance, which is for now my biggest dream. I therefore ask for your generous help, as this treatment is very financially demanding and my parents, who are retired, are unable to support me in this matter. This treatment could change our lives significantly.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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