Help for Porto Alegre

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Help for Porto Alegre

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Ana Berni Helebrandt is my sister-in-law living with my niece Bianca in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

When I learned what had happened and that Porto Alegre was the most affected by the floods, I contacted her immediately.

Anička described the situation to me and it is terrible. She even sent me a photo of crocodiles swimming in the standing water in the streets around the houses (in the green circle in the photo).

The situation is dire. I was terribly worried about them. Fortunately, both are physically fine, but their friends, neighbors, acquaintances and other citizens of the town need help.

I wanted to send them clothes, blankets and food, I tried to contact, for example, Zásilkovna, if they could help or at least advise on this. Unfortunately, I did not receive an answer. I was looking for a way to help them, but to send, for example, just a 50 kg package to Porto Alegre would cost me almost 26,000, which I really don't have, and the things that I could get by myself would not even be worth the shipping. That's why I thought the most reasonable way to help was to organize a fundraiser.

How will the fundraiser help?

I want to address the money to Anička, my sister-in-law (the lady in the burgundy T-shirt in the photo), who, although she herself lives in the focus of the floods, her priority is to help all those who were affected more by the flood, and whom she and my niece help whenever possible.

They are helping to keep all these people dry and warm, as the temperatures in Brazil are currently still dropping as winter approaches, and fed. They are also trying to provide them with temporary accommodation and possibly save what is left of their homes. They also help animals that have lost their homes or owners.

The money will be used to buy food for the central kitchen, where people eat or where food is prepared for them. Also food for animals that have lost their homes and owners. Dry, clean clothes, blankets and other things necessary for a temporary stay or replacement of things necessary for life, which were destroyed or taken away by the flood.

I deliberately did not choose a target amount, because I can't imagine what amount would be imaginable. Above all, Anička and I will be extremely grateful to you for any collected amount. I also want to show Anička's daughter (my niece) that she is half a part of an empathetic and solidary nation that can help her and her loved ones, friends, neighbours or acquaintances and generally all the citizens of Porto Alegre at least a little in such a difficult situation.

Thank you very much in advance for reading, and of course, you will help just by sharing this collection. Thanks a lot!

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