Help Elephant Orphans on Their Journey to Freedom!

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Help Elephant Orphans on Their Journey to Freedom!

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Support our orphanage for young elephants located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, housing around 50 elephant calves! Founded in 1995, this unique orphanage releases its residents back into the wild at the age of 6, when they can fend for themselves.

The elephants are reintegrated into the nearby Uda Walawe National Park, covering about 30 thousand hectares, including the expansive Uda Walawe reservoir. The number of calves varies, typically ranging from 30 to 50. The young elephants are nurtured by older elephants and caretakers ("mahuts"), who feed them milk twice daily to ensure their health and access to natural food.

The enchanting "Elephant Transit Home" signifies that this orphanage serves as a temporary home for orphaned elephant calves who would otherwise perish in the wild.

An exception is an adult elephant who lost a leg; a prosthetic leg was crafted for him, enabling limited movement in a special enclosure where he is regularly fed.

How will the campaign help?

The funds raised will address the needs of the elephant orphans, primarily covering supplies of dried milk and funding for veterinarians and their other needs.

While the orphanage receives partial government funding, it heavily relies on sponsor donations and voluntary assistance from residents. To support the cause, we also allow locals and tourists to observe the milk feeding of the elephants twice a day, with a modest entrance fee.

Witness the fascinating sight of the smallest ones learning to use their trunks and older elephants teaching them how to hold branches to eat leaves or fruits.

After meals, they always bathe in the nearby lake. The orphanage's information centre displays photos of all the elephants currently under its care, along with intriguing facts about the lives of these magnificent pachyderms.

We sincerely thank you in advance for any financial contribution to caring for the legless elephant and elephant calves. Your support will help prepare these elephant orphans for their eventual free lives in the wild, fulfilling our mission. Join us on this journey of support!

Thank you.

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