Facilities for Equine Facilitated Therapies and Forest Children's Club

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Facilities for Equine Facilitated Therapies and Forest Children's Club

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The Majoránek Equine Facilitated Therapies Center helps children with more severe forms of physical and mental disabilities, children with autism or communication problems and shows how contact with a horse, professionally managed therapy and a stay in nature can help handicapped children develop their potential.

We specialize in early care, for children from 3 months of age when the chances of improvement are the highest. The children are gradually growing up, but they remain in our care, so you will meet children from babies to schoolchildren. In 2021, despite all the restrictions around COVID-19, we carried out about 800 rehabilitations. And the interest still exceeds our capacity.

We belong to the few centres in the Czech Republic with this specialization and we are the only one within a radius of 100 km.

We try to create a quiet, safe and above all friendly environment for the families of "our" children, where they can meet, share experiences and even make new friendships with people "on the same boat".

As part of expanding our services, we would like to capitalize on our other specializations (speech therapy prevention, special pedagogy, craft and art skills, etc.) and the opportunities we have, which is why we established the Forest Children's Club - an alternative to the Forest Kindergarten were both healthy children and those with disabilities. There is still a shortage of places for them in kindergartens. Up to 15 children can come to us.

The purpose of the whole project is to create a dignified background for our Equine Facilitated Therapies Center (examination of children by a physiotherapist, possibility of other follow-up therapies, small office, sanitary facilities) and for the Forest Children's Club (space for eating, warming up and relaxing children in bad weather).

The current background for Equine Facilitated Therapies consists only of sanitary facilities and a small, poorly heated corridor in the part of the private house, which is used to examine the children of a physiotherapist, there is no possibility of follow-up therapies and rehabilitation. For the Forest Children's Club, this is completely unsatisfactory and does not meet the requirements of the Quality Standards of the Association of Forest Kindergartens.

Proceeds from the collection will help us pay for two connected, professionally refurbished building cells that meet the required standards for space and hygiene for both rehabilitation and the Forest Children's Club.

By purchasing cells, we will gain our own space on a separate plot of land, which will serve only our needs and will meet the requirements for both rehabilitation and preschool education. We will use the space all year round.


14. 06. 2022

Milí podporovatelé,

srdečně děkujeme vám všem, kteří jste přispěli do naší sbírky a pomohli tak o krok se posunout k našemu vysněnému cíli :-)

Za celý tým Majoránku přeje krásné léto Romana.

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