Donate to the Multicultural Center in Brno for the rent

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Donate to the Multicultural Center in Brno for the rent

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My name is Viktoria and I am a long-term single mother taking care of 2 wonderful children, for whom I try to do everything in my power.

Seven years ago, I started charitable work to support foreigners in the city of Brno, first children, and then adults. In 2020, I opened a non-profit organization, the only Multicultural Center in Brno. We help foreign children with adaptation and integration, and we help all children, without exception, to cope with homework, believe in themselves, develop their talents, overcome difficulties and problems. We have multilingual teachers, we help children with autism and behavioral difficulties, and also refugees and national minorities. We provide them with an individual approach, regardless of nationality, race and native language. We also strive to increase the interest of foreigners in Czech and Moravian culture and history.

We are currently renting a space from the city, but the cost of rent and utility bills turned out to be too high this year and so far we haven't been able to bring it down. The families that visit our center do not have enough income for us to easily cover the cost of rent. We are currently in a difficult financial situation.

Our team, and especially me, have to work hard and hard to keep the center afloat, the money we earn is not enough for the full life of the center due to inflation.

We received a small donation from the city this year and a grant from Erasmus+, but they are for free integration activities.

How can you help?

The proceeds of this charitable collection will go towards paying the rent, so that in this difficult time we have this certainty that we can handle everything. The work we do is very important to the people of the city. That is why I am turning to you with a request for help and support in this difficult situation. Your contributions will allow us to pay the rent and provide the needs for the functioning of the Center. I will be very grateful for any form of help you can give me.

We survived the pandemic, we coped with the flow of refugees after the start of the war in Ukraine, but the crisis and inflation that followed hit us hard.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attention and for giving us a moment of your time.

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