Car for Ukraine

Praha / Organizer: Petr Blumentrit moc.liamg@tirtnemulb.rtep

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Car for Ukraine

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In our period of university studies, we met many great and talented people from Ukraine, Zehnya, Nastya, Ivan, the second Nastya, Misha and others. Many of them became our friends and we are still in touch with them today. We are not indifferent to what is happening in the country of our friends. We are not indifferent to the war going on in Ukraine.

From April of this year, together with friends living in the Czech Republic, we started organizing various collections and buying equipment, that our Ukrainian friends required. We managed to buy and send several parcels of military clothing, helmets and other things to Ukraine. We paid for everything from our own resources, which we chose among ourselves.

We are currently trying to help our friend Nastya Shatan, whose good friend is serving in the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine, where he provides army supplies. In order to fully perform its service, it needs a collection truck of the type you see in the picture.

The target amount for the purchase and administration of the car is CZK 200,000. The truth is that after the previous financial support, this amount is already beyond our means. Thanks to all our friends, acquaintances and supporters, we have already managed to collect approximately CZK 90,000. However, we still lack more than CZK 100,000.

We would like to ask you for a financial donation that would help us buy a car for the needs of the territorial defense of Ukraine.

Thanks for helping!

Slava Ukraini!