A chance for a new beginning for sick Marťa and her daughter Týnka

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A chance for a new beginning for sick Marťa and her daughter Týnka

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Mother Martina and her daughter Kristy Jana are women full of determination and perseverance. They are united by indomitable optimism and courage. But now he faces a huge challenge.

Marťa: "I am standing by the window, the sun is shining and I am watching the children playing outside. It's one of those days when I want to enjoy life again for a while. But then the thought of the fundraiser that Kristýnka and I recently started through the Z neszázé 21 portal pops into my head. I'm nervous because I don't know if we'll be able to raise enough money to make our wish come true. Actually, it's much more... hope and a new chance for us and a lot of other people in the Czech Republic."

Although Marťa carries a painful secret about the impossibility of living a normal working life, she never gives up. He is a living proof of strength and dedication to his purpose. Although Kristýnka lived in the shadow of her mother's illness, this very situation helped her find the meaning of her own life. She focused her attention on the study of human behavior and communication. Despite all the hardships and difficult times they went through together in the family, both women maintain a sense of humor and believe that mutual support and a loving relationship are stronger than any obstacles.

However, with the onset of the covid pandemic and the serious illness that struck them came financial worries.

Marťa: "I have had serious health problems with my spine since childhood, which only worsens over time. Other health complications were also added. It has become impossible for me to work in a normal work mode, even if only part-time. I have limited momentum and an individual mode is necessary. Although I appear healthy, fresh and well at first glance, in reality I experience pain in my body on a daily basis. My daughter Kristýnka is a comfort and a great support, as well as the charity organization Splněné dětské přání (english version: Amazing Wish), which we founded together 11 years ago. Here I can customize the regimen according to my needs and capabilities to handle it. Plus, when I focus on helping others, it gives me a sense of usefulness and encouragement for the days ahead.”

As part of the family organization, Martina and Kristy Jana help children who have various health limitations and disabilities. Among other things, also because this topic deeply affects them personally. Fate has now brought them a rare opportunity – they learned about a free wheelchair-accessible hostel in Prague. About the ideal place where they can run support meetings, creative activities or development courses together. He has longed for such a place. It is a chance for them to achieve self-sufficiency. This vision helps Martin overcome the physical pain caused by her illness. Kristy, on the other hand, gives Jana the opportunity to fulfill the desire for understanding between people, to pass on acquired knowledge and life experiences to them. For them, it is a chance for change and a new beginning after a difficult period.

However, mother and daughter must face this challenge and find support in people who will share their passion, enthusiasm and belief in change.

Kristy: "Thanks to our co-creation with mom and cooperation with other wonderful people, we have helped many children's wishes come true. These are experiences that they still remember and draw from. Our missions are not only about joy and hope. We support families to cope with their daily challenges. We are authentic about it because we truly understand what others are going through. It is probably hard to convey what we experience and what we go through. We often hear statements like “Wow, I'm amazed that you can work with your own mom like that. I wouldn't give that." I perceive that for people, we make their wish for nice relationships in the family a reality. We show them that with a little will, change is possible for them too."

In recent years, performing charitable activities has become even more challenging for Marťa and Kristy Jana. Covid restrictions and subsequent illnesses complicated their situation. They had to cancel many events and upcoming fundraisers, as a result of which their necessary income was reduced. The owner of the barrier-free space was touched by their story, so he decided to help them by providing a temporary financial relief for the first few months of operation. However, their efforts and efforts, the enthusiasm of the found place and the willingness of the owner will be for nothing if they do not manage to raise the necessary money for the first year of operation. During it, they will gain additional funds to maintain long-term operations by organizing activities for families and healthy people.

They have taken a bold step forward - they are asking for help. They try to spread their message and vision, show their world full of inspiration and a powerful story about overcoming obstacles, love and trying to give people a chance for a happier life.

Kristy: “It's up to the stars how our story ends. But my mother and I have hope that with the support of friends, acquaintances and perhaps even new people we will be able to overcome any obstacles. Our wish can become a reality and thus help many others. We pray every day that someone will find out about our collection and reach out. It is not only about finances, but also about expressed psychological support. We believe that it will succeed. People are often willing to help when they see that their help is meaningful. Our story makes sense. And everyone he touches in the heart can be a part of it.”

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13. 02. 2024

"Děkujeme všem podporovatelům, kteří se rozhodli zapojit do naší sbírky a vyjádřili nám tak svou podporu. Zahřálo nás to u srdce a povzbudilo na další cestu. Dali jste nám posílení víry, že to společně zvládneme. Kristy a Marťa"

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