We will not give up: keep helping Ukraine

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We will not give up: keep helping Ukraine

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EN: We will not give up: keep helping Ukraine

Our Association works for the Volunteer Center at the Sychowski Administrative District of the city of Lviv, under the patronage of the Scouts of Ukraine. The point in Lviv supports refugees from the east in Lviv, organizes accommodation, and provides food and other most necessary things. Moreover, every day they transport gifts deep into Ukraine, to places subject to military actions and threatened by a humanitarian catastrophe. In Poland, we organize goods and money collections. We use the money to buy the most necessary products, such as food, hygiene, and medical supplies, and ship them to Lviv. Below is a link to the account of our Lviv coordinator Edward M. Blinowski. We will be grateful for any help and support! Together we can do more!