UAV for Ukrianian strom unit

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UAV for Ukrianian strom unit

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Only the best go into the R.U.G., the reconnaissance and strike squad. They do reconnaissance, assaults, clearing of trenches. Their motto is "One can only hope for death!"

These guys fought for two years with the 59th Independent Motorized Brigade. Now they are training recruits in a newly formed battalion and are preparing to go into action again within the month.

Their specialty is quick ambushes, driving HUMVEEs as close as possible to enemy positions. You can watch one such action here. It gives you chills when you realize how close they are fighting the enemy... A Russian commander who fought against them commented, "They were the group with good training, a really serious opponent."

The famous Ukrainian journalist Butusov made a breathtaking report about them (with English subtitles here - you can also find a Scottish volunteer in a camouflage kilt :) It talks about a wounded squad leader nicknamed Sayyid.

How will the fundraiser help?

And it was Sajid we met on our last trip to Ukraine. We hit it off and agreed to visit them next time. And that we wouldn't come empty-handed. They ask us for a Mavic 3T drone with thermovisin to detect the enemy and observe them before action. This will give them accurate information on the enemy's strength and position, regardless of the weather or time of day. Information that saves lives!

They risk their lives, we can at least help them with some equipment!

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