They are fighting for their lives: Give Sohair and her family hope!

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They are fighting for their lives: Give Sohair and her family hope!

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I am turning to you with an urgent plea for help to my dear colleague and friend Sohair and her family who are facing a life-threatening situation in Gaza. I hereby ask you for much-needed direct support of the family.

If the incredible sum of 3.5 million Czech crowns were collected, we can evacuate the entire 13-member family to safety, which of course would be the best for them in the current situation.

Sohair and I first met as colleagues in 2003 in Gaza while working on the same project. Over the following years, we became friends not only with Sohair, but with her entire family. When we last met in August 2023, we talked about how they settled in Gaza.

The house where Sohair's parents lived was bombed, as were the houses of her brothers and their families.

They lost everything: clothes, food supplies, medicine needed for their sick mother, furniture, souvenirs... Everything is gone.

A family of 13, including young children and 80-year-old parents, now survives in the one room that remains from the house where Sohair and her husband lived.

Food, if available, is expensive. Water is scarce, medicines are unavailable.

Getting food and water can cost lives.

Despite the situation, this family still believes in a better tomorrow, when there will be no bombings, when they will not fear for theirs and their children's lives, and when they will be able to resume their normal lives in Gaza. For now, however, they are looking for help.

Unfortunately, because of the war, they lost all the finances and property they had.

Your generosity and compassion can provide them with a lifeline during this difficult time. Every gift, even the smallest, will mean a lot to them, and they will be very grateful for it. Thank you.

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