ThePrime Real Estate Gala - Raffle tickets sale

Praha / Organizer: Rozum a Cit, z. s.

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ThePrime Real Estate Gala - Raffle tickets sale

Amount raised 1 511 000 Kč of 400 000 Kč goal

378 % z původního cíle
The campaign has ended 01. January 1970

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Click on the DONATE button, enter the amount (1000 CZK for one ticket, 2000 CZK for two tickets, etc.) and fill in your details to purchase the desired number of raffle tickets. If you require a donation confirmation, please tick the appropriate box and you will receive a confirmation immediately to your email address.

100% of the funds raised through raffle ticket sales will be donated to Rozum a Cit, a non-profit organization which provides comprehensive support to 250 foster families in the Czech Republic with more than 300 children in their care. Your donation will be sent to a verified account belonging to Rozum a Cit.

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