Special pram for little Sofia

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Special pram for little Sofia

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From the bottom of my heart, I want to ask you for help for my daughter Sofinka

My name is Martina and I am Sofinka's mother, who was born in the 8th month of pregnancy. After examinations of her health condition found that she had congenital hydrocephalus VPD. She was right after she was born transported to the incubator, after a week she had to undergo her first operation, during which they inserted a tube into her head and sucked out the water that had accumulated there. They had to do it again in 3 days operate because she got a brain hemorrhage. After a month, a valve was introduced into her head a hose that sucks the water out of her head. And to make matters worse, so does our Sofinka diagnosed with DMO, does not have a single kidney and suffers from congenital heart failure.

I was supposed to enjoy the birth of my daughter, but instead of rejoicing, I was in pain, fear, carousel examination and separation from my daughter, which was extremely difficult for me. I missed her smell, cry, hug. Every other day I traveled to Košice to her and carried her milk. After two months was released. After a few months, I noticed that he didn't raise his head, that he was very weak, does not turn from one side to the other, does not sit alone, does not rise to its feet. Sofinka has for 2 years now, I weigh 7 kilos, she is very small and looks like an 8-month-old baby.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your help. We need special pram. It costs 3500 euros and I can´t buy it for my daughter. I have 2 other small kids and take 270 euros.

Thank you very much. Mam Martina

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