Ricci's asylum is calling SOS! Animals need hay for the winter

Lety u Dobřichovic / Organizer: Kateřina Korněva zc.manzes@icirlyza

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Ricci's asylum is calling SOS! Animals need hay for the winter

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Richard, a proud animal saviour, refuses to give up despite facing financial difficulties. Throughout his life, he has saved 15 cows, 10 old Chinese pigs, and several hens from slaughterhouses, cruelty in the dairy industry, or being killed due to ageing. However, now he needs our help!

Let's come together and help Richard continue to assist these animals!

Riči's shelter, as we call it, is located in Lete u Dobřichovic, and is in serious need of hay for the animals. His old hay supplier raised prices, and Richard, who doesn't own a tractor, pulls the hay on a cart attached to his car, causing health problems.

How will the collection help?

Every contribution to the collection will help Richard buy and deliver much-needed hay for the animals for the winter and other essentials required in the shelter.

Support Richard and his animals by contributing to the collection or offering physical assistance.

Every penny and hand counts!

Even a little cow, saved from death in the mud and surviving thanks to Richard's care, understands this. Then there's Vojta, a five-year-old bull who came to Richard as a calf with a lame leg and now needs a new enclosure.

Your contributions are valuable and will assist Richard in his endless effort to help these animals, currently limited only by finances.

Thank you for every bit of support!

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“Lidé jako Vy dělají svět lepším. Děkuji Vám a přeji hodně sil.”
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“🙏🫶🏼 přeji hodně zdraví, štěstí a penízků pro zvířátka.❤️ ”
1 000 Kč — Anonymous donor 5 months ago

253 Kč — Klára 5 months ago

778 Kč — Anonymous donor 5 months ago

“Děkuji za to co děláte”
200 Kč — Anonymous donor 5 months ago

“Díky, že zachraňujete”
500 Kč — Zuzi a Tom 5 months ago

200 Kč — Anonymous donor 5 months ago

“Diky za vasi praci ”
1 500 Kč — Hanka 5 months ago