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Cat shelters, associations and rescuers are like brave knights fighting for a better feline world. But the way towards it is very long. I have decided to help and meet up their efforts. By the means of a book. A book about cats and for cats.

It has the magical power to help.



This amazing book is going to be a feline thank for your contribution.It will be used for purchase of cat food (both dry and wet food) for cats in 36 selected associations and shelters.

With the amount of CZK 29,180 from this project, we will pay the cost of the book´s print itself.


The minimum donation amount to obtain 1 copy of Kočkolásky is 221 CZK. Do not forget to get a confirmation voucher which you will prove yourself with at kockolaskydar@seznam.cz.

This email adress serves to order the book directly and to arrange the way of posting and postage fees.



The book Kočkolásky tells the stories of stray cats rescued from the street who were given a second chance thanks to mindfulness and dedication. Kočkolásky represent a unique volume of authentic stories from Czech cat associations and shelters. It is a glimpse into their daily work. You can read with bated breath 50 narrations of real rescues from beginning to end. The book helps, informs, entertains and educates. It is interwoven with compassion and determination. It leads to reflection.


The book Kočkolásky is the message of cats and the voice of shelters.

It is a gift for your kindness.


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“Moc děkuji iniciátorce projektu Lucii Gebouske. Její snaha o zlepšení podmínek pro život koček bez domova je obdivuhodná.”
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