FOOD FOR ALL – PRAGUE (Czech Republic)

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FOOD FOR ALL – PRAGUE (Czech Republic)

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The campaign has ended 18. September 2023

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We are a non-profit organization.

We give away food completely free of charge to everyone.

We cook ourselves with love and devotion. Every working day, we deliver hundreds of meals, mostly around Prague and the surrounding areas. In more than a year we have already fed over one hundred and fifty thousand people.

We also distributed food abroad – at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, during the first wave of migration on the Polish-Ukrainian border, later on directly in Ukraine in the war zone in the city of Cherson, and in Turkey, after the devastating earthquake in February 2023.

Currently, when we already know how and where to help as efficiently as possible, there is an increasing interest in our services. Healthy a wholesome vegetarian food has become unaffordable for many people these days. We are ready to distribute up to a thousand portions a day.

Unfortunately, we are short of financial means, and we therefore hope that people can help us out.

Any amount donated for this charitable activity will be most welcome.

Please visit us on our FB and our website "Food for All".


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