Anesthetic and oxygen machine for Andrii's unit

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Anesthetic and oxygen machine for Andrii's unit

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I am starting this fundraiser for my colleague and good friend Andrij Bočko.

For the past two years, Andrij has been tirelessly working to help civilians at the Kherson front, as part of the leadership of the humanitarian organization Koridor UA – this is also how I got to know him.

Besides his humanitarian work, Andrij also teaches tactical medicine. He is about two meters tall, with broad shoulders and a ginger beard, and when he frowns, thunder starts to rumble quietly in the distance. Despite this, he is one of the gentlest and most joyful people I know, and he usually frowns only in jest. On both a professional and personal level, I consider him an exceptional person whom I hold in very high regard.

 How will the fundraiser help?

A few months ago, Andrij was called up for military service. However, his unit lacks a number of basic equipment, ranging from a clothes dryer to medical supplies.

At this moment, a portable anesthetic breathing apparatus is needed. The possibility of anesthesia in field conditions is crucial for military units.

Military units cannot be supported through humanitarian organizations, so I am choosing the crowdfunding route. The device costs approximately 7500 CZK, and 4000 CZK (~£140) is still needed. All funds raised beyond this amount will be used for other basic equipment for Andrij's unit.

Thak you!

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04. 06. 2024

Za méně než 1 den se vybralo téměř 10 000 CZK. Mnohokrát všem děkuji! Sbírku ještě nechám ještě pár dní otevřenou, pak bude celý obsah poslán Andrijovi. Veškeré finance vybrané nad originální částku budou použity na další zdravotnické vybavení.

In under 1 day we got almost 10 000 CZK, more than double the original amount. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I will keep the fundraiser open for a few more days, all the money will then be sent to Andrii. Everything above the original target will be used for other medical equipment for his unit.

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