Empowering Women Drivers: New Initiative Covers Driver's License Costs

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Empowering Women Drivers: New Initiative Covers Driver's License Costs

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We are thrilled to introduce our collaboration with the car-sharing platform, HoppyGo, as part of the 'Women Rent Cars' project.

Together, we are debunking myths that still surround women drivers, while simultaneously offering solutions for women in difficult life situations.

We understand how challenging it can be for single mothers or caregiving women to manage all their daily responsibilities without a car. In today's world, where owning a car is a luxury that many cannot afford, we are immensely grateful for the 'Women Rent Cars' initiative.

Our primary goal is to provide free car loans, or to assist women with refresher driving courses and driver's licenses.

For this reason, we've set up a fund that helps with this, truly saving women both time and money. HoppyGo provides these women with free car rentals according to their choices and needs as part of their CSR campaign.

Moreover, we've initiated a fundraising campaign on the platform "znesnáze21" where people can donate to support women in covering the fees for their driver's licenses and refresher courses. Every contribution can make a significant difference in empowering women and aiding their mobility.

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