Masha's farewell gift

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Masha's farewell gift

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Dear team,

as some of you already know, time when Masha will reach 18 months allowed for vendor contract is coming up soon. We are going to have farewell dinner with her in Prague on 2nd of March and want to give her some gift as thank you for great contribution she made for CSU team.

We tried to spy what would make her happy, but - surprisingly - our modest Masha didn't point out to anything. Taking into account our team being in so many countries we decided to create fund and hand over the responsibility for choosing the best gift to herself.

If you want to contribute, you can do it here, the fund is opened for 1 month.

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„Masha, best of luck moving forward, you're a talented and courageous lady and young professional. I'm sure you will have a bright and successful future!“
10 € — Natalia před rokem

„Маша, приємно було с тобою працювати. Використовуй досвід, і негативний також, для просування своїх амбіцій якнайшивде і найефективніше! Обіймаю :)“
50 € — Сашко před rokem

500 Kč — Nick Sparrow před rokem

„Good luck on your next journey :)“
200 Kč — Monika před rokem

499 Kč — Anonymní dárce před rokem