Rehabilitation for Lucie

Liberec / Organizer: Lucie Boučková zc.manzes@avokcuoBL

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Rehabilitation for Lucie

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Dear Donors,

I would like to ask you politely for financial aid that would allow me to receive another intensive rehabilitation treatment in Adeli Medical Center in Piešťany, Slovakia.

As a companion of my friend who was seriously injured in a car accident and unfortunately become a wheelchair user, I had an opportunity to see the quality of treatment provided in Adeli and the professionality of their staff which I highly appreciate as I have also a disability.

I would like to ensure all of you, I am very aware of how difficult times we all are going through right now. I had to overcome several unpleasant moments during last year. (Death in my family, long-term unemployment…) But still, I strongly believe better times are to come soon. One of the best ways to start an upcoming year I can imagine is to get treated in Adeli. I am sure it will make me ready for new challenges of the year 2022 😊

I understand the treatment of great quality comes at a cost. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough financial means to cover the Adeli program on my own. That’s why I would like to ask you kindly for your help.

Any contribution to this charity will help me improve my health condition or sustain it on a level that enables me to live a fully independent life.

Any donation would be highly appreciated.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Why Adeli?

Every time after Adeli’s rehabilitation treatment, I can feel the spasticity of my whole body and pain going down. This means for me I can walk on the stairs or in the terrain with much more confidence and be more independent in day-to-day life.

Moreover, Adeli compared to the casual spa treatment, has a much more long-term effect. From my experience, it seems it works best for me if I spent 2 weeks in the center twice a year.

About me

I have cerebral palsy due to early birth. In my early childhood, I had to undergo two surgeries the third one was to come later. I always dreamed to become a nurse but unfortunately, my doctor refused to approve my school application due to my disability. It wasn’t easy for me to come over that, but after some time I decided to become a social worker.

After my school-leaving exam, I took a college study program on social work in Prague. During my time in college, I have started taking care of my friend after the car accident. As she was in a vigil coma at that time, the doctors didn’t give her so many chances to live a fulfilled life, but the breakthrough and the significant improvement came in the Adeli Center. Nowadays she managed to live independently using a power wheelchair and I am more than happy to remain around her and try my best to raise funds for her further treatment. This experience made me sure that the Adeli Medical center is the best place for me.

This story made me see a lot of issues in the current Czech healthcare and social system. To be able to participate in the improvement of those two systems for the good of patients, I decided to go for MA in social work.

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252 Kč — Anonymous donor about 7 hours ago

“Hope you feel better soon! Stay strong and keep fighting.”
1 000 Kč — Prakash 1 week ago

252 Kč — Azamat 1 week ago

252 Kč — Alisa 1 week ago

“Stay strong and courageous!”
150 Kč — STEVEN MUSONI 1 week ago

252 Kč — Anonymous donor 1 week ago

777 Kč — Anonymous donor 1 week ago

212 Kč — Anonymous donor 3 weeks ago

“Zdravím nádhernou usměvavou Lucku a přeji krásné a pohodové dny nejenom sváteční. :-) ”
373 Kč — Ivana P. 1 month ago

“Držím tradici a posílám aspoň malý příspěvek <3 Držím palce k plné částce a přeji krásné Vánoce.”
252 Kč — Magda H. 1 month ago

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