Abandoned and injured cats who will not survive without our help

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Abandoned and injured cats who will not survive without our help

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For 8 years, Mirka has been rescuing abandoned and injured cats that would not have been able to survive in harsh conditions without her help. Because she is a lover of animals and their fate is certainly not indifferent to her, she does not look too much at the financial side of the whole thing.

Unfortunately, savings and hard-earned money are quickly getting thin after years of relentlessly helping furries.

It breaks Mircea's heart that because of this she cannot help all her four-legged friends who really need her helping hand. If you are not indifferent to the fate of animals, open your hearts and contribute to their rescue with this collection. Even the smallest help can do great wonders.

The story of Mirka and the rescued cats

I grew up surrounded by animals all my life, my mother is a veterinarian, which is probably one of the reasons why I have maintained such a warm relationship with them. Today I regret not following her path.

My name is Miroslava and I am a Slovakian girl living in Qatar and I work here as a trainer at the physiotherapy department.I have been saving small furries for several years. Any extra funds I earn go to support them. Unfortunately, the need for help is greater than my financial capabilities. I mainly specialize in cats, but the range of animals I have rescued is wider.

The situation here in Doha is catastrophic in terms of street animals.

The worst situations are when I find an injured cat or kitten. It is unthinkable for me to leave an innocent creature on the street to its fate. In the summer, temperatures here reach 50 degrees... The animals have nowhere to hide, no access to water or food.I have two rescued cats with me now. 4-year-old cat Zizou and 2-year-old cat Gaia. When I needed a blood test for them, I paid 80 euros for both, but compared to Qatar, that's only what I pay to open the door of a veterinary station. The situation here is very complicated with care.I saved Gaia in the parking lot when Arab men were kicking her. She was 3 months old and weighed 700 g, I treated her for 6 weeks. She had an ear infection and tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Infection). Such medical expenses rose to almost 3,000 euros.During the eight years that I have been working in Qatar, I have rescued around 20 cats, paid for their medical expenses and found them their own homes. I would like to continue helping the animals here, but I have already exhausted my financial possibilities.And so I am asking for your help to continue to help. I am very grateful for every contribution that can save an innocent creature.

Thank you all! Mirka

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“Good people still exists.”
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“Děkuji za to co delate pro kocicky ”
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